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Paris Hilton hacker gets 11 months in jail

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BOSTON – A Massachusetts teenager who reportedly hacked into Paris Hilton’s cell phone account has been sentenced to 11 months in a juvenile facility.

Celebrity phone numbers stored in Hilton’s cell phone were posted online when her account was hacked earlier this year. A Washington Post report on Wednesday identified Hilton as a victim of the 17-year-old Massachusetts boy.

The boy is a juvenile under federal law. Prosecutors would not name him or confirm Hilton as a victim, citing federal law that keeps such information under seal in juvenile cases.


Enjoy that you dumb hacker. 19 year old? You should be hanging out, not hacking. 


Blog being shutdown

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Just for anyones information, is going to shutdown because off the bandwidth over-use. So this will be my main blog now.

Los Angeles power out; Sites down

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The Los Angeles power went down:

Dreamhost which hosts alot of good websites (Myspace, haveamint (I think), etc..) are down because off the power. Let’s see how long until It comes back.

Digg got Ddossed!!!

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“We are undergoing some upgrades due to some mean DDOS attackers. Therefore, stand by and we’ll get this thing fixed shortly.”

I wish them alot of luck catching the ddosers. No wonder why I couldn’t access Digg earlier!

Btw, Digg this: invite send to David Peralty

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I send my only invite to David Peralty. The reason for this is: When I first met him, he offered a hand or two. He had time to help me on MSN, or via email, but I didn’t need help then since I figured alot off problems on my own. He is a pro blogger and blogs about 9 blogs, so I gave him a invite for him to use on something he might be working on or for his GF. Enjoy the invite Dave :).

Bart’s new blog

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After trying to get a invite for days, I have finally got one. I would like to thank Jan for the invite (aka Golden Ticket). I’ll be using this blog for posting technology news, and information I find on the net. My blog that I still have will be private with comments off from now on. I mean private as in posting things about my life (School, what I do outside, etc..). I still have a golden ticket to give out. In order to recieve it, you must do the following:

  • Post a comment with your name, and email address.
  • Why you want a invite.
  • Do you have a previous blog you use or used?

This little competition ends on Monday (Tommorow) or Tuesday (After that). I’ll be contacting some people I like about it and let them know about this post. Hey, you never know, I might just luckly invite you!

BOTD reaches 1,000+ WP Sites!

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BOTD has reached over 1,000 WordPress sites! Unbelieveable, isn’t it? It was first started at Spring 2005, and has grown since. Let’s see If BOTD gets a section for users so we don’t spam the newest list/hotlist sections.

Code is Poetry?

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All of us have read “Code is poetry” on Ozh said on his blog:


Today, while looking for some food in a local supermarket, I’ve seen a guy with a black tee-shirt with a huge “Code is Poetry” on it. I was to say something like “hey d00d ok that’s cool, but have you got a invite as well ? :)” but, as the guy turned back, I saw the other side of his shirt showing … a Microsoft logo and some tiny text I couldn’t read like some place and date for a convention.

 I googled for this and didn’t find nothing. Did he make it or what? Who knows?

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